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128 pages.
Without taxes: 9,13€
Taxes included: 9,50€
Age: 12+
14.5 x 21 cm

In the Shadow of the Immense Spoon

Author:  Graciela Silvia Montes
Illustrator:  Gustavo Roldán

The Antúnez family has lived in the shadow of the immense spoon for years, but how did they get there? Where do they come from? And, most importantly: what happened to make them so small? One clue: cow ice creams are dangerous. Very dangerous. This is the story of Bubulina, the first cow to shrink, and of how the Antúnez family became so small. This confidential report tells of the serious risks run by those who can’t stop shrinking and race at dizzying speed towards the fearsome suburbs. A tale that explains the origins of a fantastic world, written by one of the most-loved living authors in children’s and YA Argentinian literature.

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