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224 pages.
Without taxes: 9,52€
Taxes included: 9,90€
Age: 9+
15 x 21.5 cm

Martin in the World of Missing Objects

Author:  Susana López Rubio
Illustrator:  Leire Salaberria

Martin was an expert at losing things: pens, balls, books, toys, socks, umbrellas, keys and even his favourite sweets. His mother and grandmother were used to it and accepted it with patience and good humour: “You sure are a mess, son... You’ll have to tie your things to your wrists!” Martin never worried too much about it until the day he lost the most valuable object of all: his family photo album, the only photo souvenirs that his father kept. He had to find it at any price, but where do objects end up when they go missing? After looking everywhere with no success, Martin decides to take a fantastic trip to the world of missing objects, where great friends, terrible monsters and an unforgettable adventure await him. But will he find his photo album?

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