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88 pages.
Without taxes: 9,13€
Taxes included: 9,50€
Age: 9+
14.9 x 21.5 cm

The Mystery of the Abandoned Dog's Poo

Author:  Anna Cabeza
Illustrator:  Toni Batllori

Ascensión, Carmen and Rosalía aren’t your typical grandmothers. They live with Marcelo, Ascensión grandson, and share an unusual pastime with him: solving mysteries. This is why they have decided to help their neighbour Margarita to find out who owns the dog that leaves poo in front of the door every day. Their investigation will interfere with the plans of some thieves who just robbed a neighbourhood bank, and these thieves don’t even know what’s coming. Armed with deadly weapons such as knitting needles, slippers and anaesthetic perfumes, the grandmothers are willing to do anything to keep the thieves from getting away. A thrilling adventure with humour, chases and cunning… a lot of cunning.

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